At Crumley Roberts, we treat our clients, our staff, and our community like family—we always keep their best interest in mind. With our Kids Zone programs, we’re doing our part to help keep North Carolina neighborhoods and families safe.

Bike Rodeos

We hold bike rodeos throughout North Carolina to teach children safe and proper bike riding practices—such as hand signals, the different parts of a bicycle, and helmet use. Kids are invited to navigate their way through the following courses:

  • A course where riders use hand signals while learning how to balance their bicycles.
  • A slalom course, in which riders learn to steer safely around objects that may come up unexpectedly.
  • A figure-eight course that teaches riders how to control turns and braking.

Crumley Roberts also hosts sports safety sessions to inform students, coaches, and parents how to stay safe while they play. We help them recognize and handle sports injuries that go beyond breaks, sprains, and bruises. Some of the topics we discuss include:

  • Recognizing and treating head, eye, and dental injuries.
  • Dealing with extreme heat and cold in outdoor sports.
  • Preventing lightning strikes during outdoor practices.
  • Discussing health concerns from sports-related communicable diseases.

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Crumley Roberts wants to help keep families in North Carolina safe and informed. If you are looking to schedule a Kids Zone program, let us know! Send an email to Ruth Heyd at to get involved and help keep our community safe.

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