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Frequently Asked Auto Accident Questions, Answered

1. What is a typical auto accident settlement amount?
Settlement amounts vary dramatically from case to case. The value of your claim depends on the details of your unique case. Factors, such as the severity of your injuries, your ability to return to work, and the long-term impact of your injuries, can influence the settlement amount of your case.

Without first reviewing the details of your auto accident, it’s impossible to know exactly how much your case is worth. Call Crumley Roberts today and schedule a free initial consultation with our legal team.

2. What is an auto accident release form?
After an auto accident, you’ll receive a number of documents in the mail from the insurance company. You may be asked to sign some of these documents, including an auto accident release form. Don’t sign anything without talking to a car accident attorney first.

Sometimes, auto accident release forms from the insurance company contain language that will nullify your rights to pursue further legal action. Don’t sign away your rights to compensation; call Crumley Roberts—we can help you review paperwork from the insurance company and protect your rights.

3. What am I supposed to do after an auto accident?
Knowing the right steps to take after an auto accident can help you prepare a strong case and get the full amount of compensation you’re owed for your injuries and other damages.

When helping auto accident clients, our North Carolina injury lawyers tell our clients to keep these simple steps in mind:

  • seek medical attention,
  • collect as much information as possible from the scene of the accident,
  • and avoid answering questions from the insurance company unless a lawyer is present.

To learn more about what to do after an auto accident, call , or complete a free initial consultation form.

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