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Cruise and Resort Injury and Assault Lawyers

When you go on a cruise or stay at a resort, you expect relaxing accommodations, good times with family and friends, and memories you’ll treasure for a lifetime. Unfortunately, not every vacation goes as planned. Negligent or abusive staff, criminal behavior, and injuries at sea can turn a dream trip into a nightmare, and victims are often left facing medical bills, lost wages, and lifelong trauma.

If you or someone you love was injured, sexually abused, assaulted, or the victim of a crime at a resort or on a cruise ship, contact Crumley Roberts today. Our cruise and resort injury lawyers can investigate your case and help protect your rights to the compensation you deserve. Dial 866-336-4547 or complete our free initial consultation form for a case review.

Cruise Ship Sexual and Physical Assault

When cruise lines fail to perform adequate employee background checks, use fly-by-night activity vendors, and put profits over proper safety protocols, passengers face an increased risk of violent crime, physical attacks, and sexual assault.

In fact, the issue is so serious that Congress responded in 2010 by passing the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act of 2010 (CVSSA). The law provides cruise ship passengers with a right to:

  • Written security guides
    Passengers are entitled to literature explaining what to do if a crime or assault occurs, to whom crimes should be reported, and the legal procedures to follow for any waters the vessel is expected to travel through on a trip.
  • Sexual assault forensic exams
    Cruise ships are required to have the materials necessary to perform a forensic exam after a sexual assault or rape occurs.
  • Confidential support services
    Medical services, counselors, and other staff must be available for cruise ship sexual assault victims, and all information shared with these staff members must be kept confidential.

At Crumley Roberts, our lawyers know the physical, emotional, and financial devastation that cruise ship assaults and rapes can cause. When you contact us, our experienced legal team will listen to your story and handle your case with the same level of care we would give our own family.

Injuries and Crime on Cruise Ships

When you’re injured due to negligence or fall prey to criminal behavior, it can be one of the most difficult times of your life. And when those crimes happen on unfamiliar island or within international waters, you may be wondering where you can turn for help.

The fact is, maritime law, or laws regulating sailing vessels like cruise ships, can be extremely complex. Not only are there multiple jurisdictions along many popular cruise routes, but cruise ship lines also have their own teams of lawyers ready to fight claims related to personal injury and theft.

At Crumley Roberts, we’ve been standing up for victims for more than 25 years, and we want to stand up for you too. If your injury or loss was caused by inadequate security, insufficient safety procedures, or any other type of negligence, we’re ready to investigate and help you get the compensation you’re owed.

Time to Take Action Is Limited

If you’ve been the victim of a violent crime, sexual assault, or injury caused by negligence on a cruise ship or at a resort, your time to file a lawsuit is limited. Don’t put your rights to compensation at risk. Call 866-336-4547 or complete our free initial consultation form 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get started now.

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