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Answers to Your Defective Product Questions

1. What is product liability?
Product liability is a legal term describing the area of law that pertains to defective products and the parties responsible for designing, manufacturing, and marketing them to consumers. A defective product claim falls within the area of product liability.

2. What is the statute of limitations for a defective product case?
In North Carolina, the product liability statute of limitations to file a lawsuit is three years from the date of injury or within two years following a death. Additionally, a legal deadline known as the statute of repose also must be considered. It mandates that a defective product claim must be filed within 12 years from the date of its manufacture or sale. The statute of repose is six years if the claim involves real estate.

There can be exceptions that affect these statutes. If you’ve been injured by a defective product, speaking with a North-Carolina defective product lawyer as soon as possible can help ensure your legal rights are being protected. Call Crumley Roberts today at or fill out our free initial consultation form.

3. How do I know if I have a defective product injury case?
There are many factors that decide whether or not a defective product case has merit. Because defective product cases can stem from manufacturing defects, design defects, or marketing defects, it is necessary to distinguish where the liability for your case lies within the state’s laws. A legal professional can assess these factors while examining the facts of your injury to determine your legal options.

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