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North Carolina Will Dispute Lawyers

If you were unfairly cut from a will or a person trusted by your loved one abused his or her power of attorney, you may be wondering where to turn for help. At Crumley Roberts, our North Carolina will dispute attorneys understand the emotional and financial impact that estate disputes can have on families, and we’re here to help you fulfill the intent of your loved one’s final wishes.

If you believe your loved one was the victim of undue influence, elder abuse, fraud, or mismanagement of assets, contact us today. If we find grounds to challenge the will or trust, we’ll fight to help you get your rightful inheritance. Call our 24/7 team at 866-336-4547 or complete a free initial consultation form to get started.

Types of Estate Dispute Cases

Our North Carolina estate dispute attorneys have the experience and resources to handle a range of estate dispute case types, including:

  • Will Contests
    If you feel unfairly excluded from a will, cheated out of an inheritance, or that your loved one’s intentions are being denied, you may have grounds to dispute a will.
  • Trust Disputes
    Trusts can sometimes be disputed when they contain mistakes, are mishandled by trustees, or were authorized due to manipulation or lack of mental capacity.
  • Abuse of Power of Attorney
    You can fight to hold individuals accountable when they betray a loved one’s trust and use power of attorney for their own financial benefit.

We understand that estate disputes are about both honoring your loved one’s final wishes and protecting your best interests. Our compassionate legal team is ready to help you get the fair treatment you deserve.

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