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Wells Fargo Bank Account Fraud Lawsuits

Named “Most Admired” among the world’s largest banks by Forbes magazine in 2015, Wells Fargo & Company markets itself as a banking institution that helps its customers achieve financial success. But in September 2016, federal regulators revealed that Wells Fargo employees had been creating millions of fraudulent bank and credit card accounts without the consent of their customers since 2011.

Shortly after the news was revealed, Wells Fargo agreed to pay the largest penalty ever issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau—including $185 million in fines and $5 million in refunds to customers.

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Thousands of Wells Fargo Employees Involved in Fraud

The scope of Wells Fargo’s account fraud is unprecedented within American banking. The company has confirmed firing more than 5,300 employees for secretly opening customer accounts to hit sales targets and receive bonuses. From 2011 to 2016, more than 1.5 million deposit accounts and 565,443 credit card accounts were opened that may not have been authorized by the bank’s customers.

Customers Paid for Unauthorized Wells Fargo Accounts

Wells Fargo bankers opened unauthorized accounts by moving funds from existing accounts without customers’ consent. In many cases, the movement of funds resulted in customers being charged overdraft fees and fees for insufficient funds.

In addition to banking fees, fraudulent credit card accounts can have a significant impact on credit lending decisions involving homes, cars, and other big purchases.

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