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Life insurance coverage is supposed to provide families with the financial support they need after the loss of a loved one. But insurance companies lose money when they pay benefits to policyholders and their beneficiaries, and they often delay or deny valid claims to protect their profits. If your claim was wrongfully denied, Crumley Roberts can take on the insurance company to help you get the coverage you’re owed.

Our North Carolina life insurance denial lawyers know the tactics insurance companies use to take advantage of people like you, and we can help ensure you’re treated fairly. Don’t give up if you’ve been denied your life insurance benefits. Contact us 24/7 and let us stand up for you today—just dial or complete our free initial consultation form.

3 Common Reasons Life Insurance Claims Are Denied

Insurance companies may try to deny claims for a variety of reasons, but three of the most common include:

    1. Death During the Policy Contestability Period
      To help prevent fraud, life insurance companies can investigate and deny claims for a period of time—or a contestability period—after policies becomes active. But if there are no issues with the policy or the circumstances surrounding the death, the insurer must provide coverage.
    2. Lapse in Payments
      Late payments may lead to a denial. However, insurance companies can make mistakes when processing payments, and many policies have grace periods that allow for late payments within a certain timeframe.
    3. Material Misrepresentation
      Insurance companies can deny claims if they believe policyholders distorted or concealed facts when applying for policies. But beneficiaries may be entitled to coverage in cases where misrepresentations would not have affected the policy or were unintentional.

Your loved one intended their life insurance policy to provide you with comfort, support, and financial security. Don’t let the insurance company have the final say over your benefits without speaking to Crumley Roberts first. We’ll review the details of your policy and help you get the money you deserve.

Helping Families Move Forward

Crumley Roberts has 25 years of experience helping people through some of the toughest times of their lives, and our North Carolina life insurance denial lawyers want to help you get your claim approved. With a 24/7 legal staff and offices located in North and South Carolina, we’re never far away when you need us. Call or contact us online today, and let us protect your rights.

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