New Laws For Truckers on the Highways

Imagine the danger of trying to talk on a cell phone while trying to drive 18 wheeler. This month state troopers started enforcing a new federal law banning truckers from using a hand held cell phone. They can use a hands free device, but must be able to answer the phone in a single touch.

A federal motor safety agency says truck drivers who reach for cell phones are three times more likely to be involved in a crash. Drivers could face fines of up to nearly $2,800 if they're found violating the ban. Truckers also say they could get fired if they're caught breaking the new cell phone law.

Personal Injury Attorney, Dré Fleury adds, "This move represents a step in the right direction for the safety of the general public. Combined with recent stricter laws against texting while driving, this will hopefully have the net effect of preventing more deaths and serious injuries."

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