Don't forget to Fall Back on Sunday

You will get an extra hour of sleep this weekend when we turn the clocks back in the wee early morning hours on Sunday, Nov. 4. The time change means shorter days, and more time for darkness and colder weather in our already not-long-enough 24 hour days. Many people, as a result of the shorter days, may stay indoors and suffer from depression symptoms, or feel sleepier during the days. Here are some tips to help with those shorter days!

  • Get plenty of sunlight during the day to increase your Vitamin D naturally. Sunlight is also essential for keeping the circadian rhythms on track, so if you have a small window of time during the daytime, try to spend some time outside.
  • Try to incorporate small bouts of exercise and B-vitamins into your day for additional boosts of energy and well-being to counteract the sleepiness.
  • Expose yourself to bright light soon after waking to help adjust the circadian rhythm. If sunlight isn’t available yet, turn bright lights on to awake your system.
  • Know that it takes our bodies about one to two weeks to fully adjust to the new time, so expect that it may take some time and patience in adjusting. To avoid abrupt sleeping changes for you and your children, gradually ease into the time change, adjusting bed or nap times in 15-minute intervals.
  • Since it will be getting darker earlier, many safety organizations recommend taking this time to check various safety precautions around the house – check the brakes, lights and defroster in your car, replace batteries in smoke and carbon-monoxide alarms, update all your clocks, and make sure you have the proper medications for the upcoming holidays/flu seasons.
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