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Class Action FAQ

North & South Carolina Class Action Attorneys

Understanding class actions can help if you or someone you know may be included in such a lawsuit. In our commitment to help our clients and the community, the attorneys at Crumley Roberts handle class actions in North Carolina and South Carolina. We have included some frequently asked questions to offer insight regarding these legal matters, and we also welcome you to call our offices at any time for personalized help and attention. We are here to help take away the worry.

What is a class action?

A class action is a type of legal proceeding wherein a number of plaintiffs (injured parties) file a single lawsuit against a defendant or defendants to pursue financial compensation for their losses. Because the plaintiffs have suffered the same or very similar losses due to the same alleged misconduct on the defendant’s part, they can combine lawsuits to prove fault.

What are the benefits of a class action?

Individual lawsuits can take a considerable amount of time and are also expensive, tying up the courts for extended periods of time. Class actions avoid these issues. Plaintiffs may also experience other benefits by putting their claims together, with additional evidence and resources available.

How do I join a class action?

In most class actions, you do not actually have to opt-in in order to be included. The court usually certifies class actions because there are too many members to be individually named in the lawsuit. As such, you may not need to technically “join” the case. Class members are typically notified that a complaint has been filed and may be given the option to opt-out if they do not want to participate.

Can’t I just file my own lawsuit?

Whether you are better off as part of the class or want to file an individual suit may vary depending on the circumstances surrounding your case, so we recommend discussing this issue with an attorney. In some cases, you may be better off as an individual, but in others you may benefit from remaining part of the class.

How are lawyers paid in a class action?

Subject to court approval, lawyers in class actions receive a percentage of the money awarded to the class. As with the other cases we handle, Crumley Roberts is only paid if we win a class action. You pay no legal fees and will receive no bills from us unless we secure a settlement or award on your behalf.

For more answers and insight, please call us at (866) 691-0607.

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