Kimberly S. Roberts
Servant’s Heart Spirit Award

A Servant’s Heart is a heart that puts the needs of others before themselves and serves with the right motivation.​​​​​​

This is a special annual award given to an individual or group who exemplify a Servant’s Heart. This award will be announced at the Holiday Party with an all staff recognition. Plus, in the spring, we will acknowledge and honor, through a special event (breakfast or lunch), the organization that receives a five-thousand-dollar donation to assist with their specific need and project.

“It was an honor to be the Kimberly S. Roberts Servants Heart Spirit Award recipient for 2016! For the last five years, my wife and I have had the privilege to take teams to serve in children’s homes in Monterrey, Mexico with Back2Back Ministries. These children have either been orphaned, abandoned or removed from tough family situations. Back2Back partners with these homes to address holistic orphan care covering spiritual, physical, educational, emotional and social needs. The award’s financial gift is being used to break ground and lay a foundation for a new apartment home for children and their caregivers. I want to thank Crumley Roberts for this award that stands up for others in such a unique way.” Chuck Trull