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Crumley Roberts Kids Zone

The Crumley Roberts Kids Zone is a child-friendly expansion of our company’s ongoing commitment to stand up for our clients, for our employees, and for individuals in the communities we serve across North and South Carolina.

The purpose of our Kids Zone program is to educate young children and adults about healthy habits and to encourage wellness, safety, emergency preparedness, proper nutrition, and physical activity. We offer bicycle safety rodeos to elementary-aged children in any community. The program may be presented in a small classroom setting or a larger outside venue to accommodate a safety course where students learn the hand signals for riding on the road and in traffic. Participation on the safety course is optional; however, we do provide for each child a free, properly fit Crumley Roberts bicycle helmet and a signature Kid Zone t-shirt.

What is a Kids Zone event and could I host one?

A bike rodeo is a 45-minute educational and interactive session for children to learn about bicycle safety, to be fitted with a free helmet, and to have hands on experience on a bike with our Crumley Roberts team.

  • All you need is a 40 x 60 space either inside or outside (safe parking lot or gymnasium).
  • No bikes needed. We bring them. In fact, we have bikes with training wheels too!
  • FREE youth-sized helmets and signature t-shirts for elementary-aged children.
  • Bike Rodeo Team on-site to host and coordinate set-up and breakdown.
  • Bike instruction and helmet fittings for everyone.
  • Small or large groups, as we can divide them up.
  • Groups of 30 kids will be an average of 45 minutes.
  • Indoor classroom instruction where available.
  • Tennis shoes or closed-toe shoes recommended for all participants.
“Community events need citizen involvement, in order to succeed, and Crumley Roberts booth did just that for the Hickory Farmers Market! The Crumley Roberts Crew arrived with an array of safety gear to give to children (bicycle helmets, water bottles, etc.) to promote bicycle and road safety.” - Sarah Wood, Hickory Farmers Market

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Keeping Kids Informed

Get Involved—Schedule an Event!

Crumley Roberts wants to help keep families in North Carolina safe and informed. If you are looking to schedule a Kids Zone program, let us know! Send an email to to get involved and help keep our community safe. Kids Zone Event Worksheet
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