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Short-Term Disability Claims

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Workers who suffer injuries or illnesses that prevent them from working and earning wages can face profound financial strains – even when those ailments are temporary. Fortunately, many of these workers have the ability to seek disability benefits which can provide the wage supplementation benefits they need to make ends meet while they recover. Although Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are available to individuals with longer disabilities who have paid into the system, and meet other criteria, there may also be options for short-term disability in cases where injuries or illnesses are temporary.

At Crumley Roberts, our disability attorneys are passionate about helping residents across North and South Carolina when injuries or illnesses prevent them from working and supporting their families. In addition to providing assistance when applying for SSD benefits, or handling a denied or delayed claim, we also help clients explore their options for short-term disability benefits.

How Short Term Disability Works

Because disability benefits provided through the Social Security Administration (SSA) are available only to people who are disabled for 12 months or longer, and meet impairment and work-credit requirements, individuals with injuries or illnesses that are shorter in duration will need to seek benefits through other means. This may include short-term disability provided through employer insurance plans, or plans that the disabled person may have privately.

  • Employer Plans – Many employees are covered by short-term disability insurance as part of their employer’s benefit plans. To secure benefits in cases where disabilities are not expected to last 12 months or longer, or in some cases of pregnancy, employees will need to file claims and have decisions issued by their employer or the insurance company which administers the plan. Our legal team assists clients in determining whether they have this coverage, navigating the application process, or appealing a claim if benefits were denied.

Short-term disability can act as the safety net workers and their families need during difficult times, but navigating the process and successfully completing an application or appeal can be difficult. With the assistance of our firm’s proven lawyers, you can gain the counsel and support needed to determine whether you qualify, how to craft an effective claim or appeal an unfair decision, and work toward the benefits you need.

We Care Like Family: Let Us Help Through Life’s Difficult Times

Injuries and illnesses are never an easy experience, which is why Crumley Roberts is dedicated to helping clients navigate life’s most difficult times. As a family-oriented firm that prioritizes our clients’ needs, we strive to make the difference by handling challenging legal issues so you can focus on recovering. Learn more about short-term disability and how our attorneys can help you and your loved ones when you call (866) 691-0607 for a FREE consultation.

Short-Term Disability Claims

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