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  • To think this all happened because of a drunk driver at 3:40 in the afternoon. I was making a right turn and of course my signal was on seconds before turning. In the middle of turning I was hit from behind along with a car that was in the turning lane with the same car. Needless to say, my car was totaled, I had to do 5 months in therapy total. If it wasn’t for Crumley Roberts sending me their welcoming package, I wouldn’t have got taken care of as well as I did. Jimmy and Mellissa were amazing. I really do owe it to them! I have nothing but genuine gratitude for them both. 5/5 across the board!

    - Diamond Iris

  • First I am so grateful to Crumley an Roberts for the outstanding work they have done for me. To start I was injured 10/2021. I tried to seek help from several different law firms. No one seemed to want to take the workers compensation case. I called Crumley an Roberts after speaking to a attorney he put my case on retainer. After my MRI they were happy to help me in anyway possible. My attorney was Barbara Curry an legal assistant Adwilda Santos. Mrs curry and her assistant were there every step of the way. Every call, text, email were answered in a timely manner. The professionalism was top notch. I felt safe an protected. I did my homework on the firm before I agreed to let them handle my claim. The reviews don't do them justice. They are a great law firm. I would not even be doing this review if I felt otherwise. If you are looking for a firm with your wellbeing in mind I highly suggest the law firm of Crumley & Roberts. If you are looking for a firm that is knowledgeable I highly suggest Crumley & Roberts. Overall if you are unsure. I suggest beyond any doubt Crumley & Roberts. I give them 5 plus stars. If I am ever in need of legal services again there will be no doubt i will definitely call them to assist me in any other legal issue i may have.Again thank you so much Crumley & Roberts!!!!!!

    - Peggy

  • Kristin helped our family in ways others could not. She was extremely kind and hard working along with Jimmy. We are very grateful to Crumley Robert's for all they have done for the death of our daughter.

    - Carrie

  • So easy to work with, return calls, follow up & representation was beyond my expectations!

    - Cecilia

  • Awesome feedback great results on my case and follow through with my questions treated me with urgency and respect. Thank you

    - Leshea

  • Crumley Roberts has handled a few cases for me, and I have been extremely pleased with them. The attorneys and staff kept me updated on the progress of every case and made sure that all of my questions were answered completely. They worked hard to ensure that I received compensation for injuries and property damage sustained during each incident. I highly recommend them!

    - Deborah

  • Crumley Roberts attorneys have helped me every step of the way. Very professional and caring to my case. Thank you all so very much.

    - Royce

  • My story started when I went to Wilmington, N C to attend a wedding for my niece. We were giving a bridal luncheon the day of the wedding at a local restaurant which was booked in advance. I got up to take a present to the bride and stepped in a hole on the floor where a beam was supposed to be. A guy with a boot who was our waiter had fell in the same hole and broke the same bones in his foot as I did the week before. I went to a Walk in the Clinic in Wilmington, who transferred me to my hometown Orthopedic doctor, and after 6 weeks I had to follow up doctor at Durham, NC., due to circumstances beyond my control. I contacted the restaurant who told me I would have to go through their insurance adjuster. After numerous attempts to get information and trying to clear this up between contacting both the restaurant and insurance adjuster, and calling the corporate office and leaving messages for someone to call me back. I started reaching out to numerous la to help me. I was told by one that my case wasn’t big enough for them. Finally one lawyers office from my hometown told me about Chumley Roberts Law Firm. I knew from the start I had hit a home run after I had talked to their secretary, Melissa. She took my information, understood my needs, and calmed me down when I was upset from dealing with the restaurant and insurance company. I could not have gotten through this without her. My lawyer, Quinton, always took my calls and kept me informed of the steps he was taking to dissolve my case. I’ve never had a lawyer before but I am so grateful I found him and his firm. I am overly pleased with the outcome and the hard work they did for me. I can’t thank them enough. So if you are looking for a Law Firm who is on your side and looking out for you Chumley and Roberts Law Firm is the one for you. I think you will agree with me if you will give them a call. I’m satisfied, happy, and thankful customer and you could be too. Donna Ledbetter

    - Donna

  • The communication was great. Kept me in the loop of each step.

    - Briana

  • My case was handled with the upmost care and attention. They were very thorough in making sure they collected all the correct information, explaining the process, and keeping me updated on the progression of my case.

    - Mia

  • Thanks to Taylor and my lawyers that helped me with my case. I have been waiting for 10 years for my disability and they made sure I got my disability. Crumley Roberts is the best. I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks again.

    - donna

  • Kristen and the lawyer working with our family was amazing they went above and beyond and helped us out in every way possible, including checking up on our grieving process and how my kids were doing they were very understanding and always had the right encouraging words for us, they answered every time I texted or called.. I will forever be very Grateful 💙

    - Merlin

  • Excellent customer service always kept me in the loop of what was going on. Friendly and yes they did treat me like family.

    - Max

  • I had a great experience. From start to finish I was kept informed and current on new developments. My attorney and staff made me feel comforted and welcomed any questions I had. They helped me through a stressful time and produced results.

    - Ricky

  • They are wonderful people I understand they say they are good people and they help alot of people win cases but I know that we all have a right to post reviews saying that I am disappointed in the government system and I am very distracted and I am really confused I hope tjat they help my husband get on disability so we can be happy and I know taht I will try and stay as long as we win and I know that we need your help so please help us win the battle. I know I will do the paperwork and I will do what is best for my husband I might do my thing and try to do something to help him get on it

    - Terra

  • My attorney Madison & my case manager Sami Ghebre, very Reliable, Truthworthy Woman at Crumley Roberts, Madison is a terrific attorney, & Sami is very responsive! Highly Recommended them BOTH! 🤍

    - messiah

  • They are a real lawyer they calles and I told them how I felt and they said they are going to do their best I believe them

    - Terra

  • Amazing! I am so glad I called Crumley Roberts when I did. Workers Comp can be so overwhelming. The help I received from Crumley Roberts allowed me to worry about getting better while they took care of the billing, scheduling, negotiating, and so on. I can't say enough about how helpful everyone at the firm was in my entire family's times of need. Jamie Johnson is an amazing attorney who not only represented me in my case, but also spent hours upon hours on calls with my family to understand all of our concerns. I really can't say enough about how helpful Jamie, and everyone else at Crumley Roberts were. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

    - Sean

  • The experience was as good as it could be do to Covid. Built a great business relationship, awesome staff. I would use there service again.

    - Danette

  • My case started with my husbandnfrom and injury he inquired while at work. Unfortunately my husband got very ill and past. Even after thay they very tentative to his case and made sure to check on me and my children often. They wanted me to know even though he is no longer here they are still here for me and fighting for him. I am very happy with how things turned out in the end. I would highly recommend Crumley Robert's to anyone and will be using in the future of needed.

    - Danielle