Ethan James Parlier

“No One Stands Alone” Award

“But however close we sometimes seem to that dark and final abyss, let no man of peace and freedom despair. For he does not stand alone.” John F. Kennedy

Photo of James Parlier

The Crumley Roberts “No One Stands Alone” Award honoring Ethan James Parlier highlights and showcases Crumley Roberts employees who Stand Up for their fellow human beings during times of need or crisis. This award honors the strength, resolve, and bravery that we all came to know, love, and respect in Ethan Parlier while recognizing that, at least once in our lives, we are all called upon to be a superhero – an avenger for our fellow man or woman. Ethan’s strength of character, his humor, his love for others, and his superhuman strength lives on in our hearts, our minds, our words, and our actions. Crumley Roberts employees who Stand Up in word and in deed for others in the community and in the world are nominated by their co-workers for this award. The award recipient receives $5,000 to be presented in his or her honor to the organization for which he or she has worked to Stand Up for others. This award is presented through The Roberts Center for Leadership, Education, Advancement and Development and joins the Kimberly Sanders Roberts Servant’s Heart Spirit Award in honoring the extraordinary efforts of Crumley Roberts employees, their family members, and the organizations they work with in the community. The Ethan James Parlier Award serves to remind us all that when called upon, it is our duty and our honor to speak out and to Stand Up. It is in those moments that we truly have an opportunity to ensure that “No One Stands Alone.”

“No One Stands Alone” Award Recipient

In Honor of Steven & Angela Parlier, 2018
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